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and powerful

Enjoy clear highs, solid mids, and powerful lows with the 10mm neodymium dynamic driver unit, bio-fiber composite diaphragm, and pure copper voice coil.

3-mic ENC
for clearer audio

The unique ALE Acoustic Guard* combined with a multi-microphone array provides clear voice transmission and blocks out background noise for effective communication.

  • * Three-mic technology is available only in the AT10 ANC

ANC* & Transparency Mode*

Say goodbye to distractions with active noise cancellation, enabling you to stay focused at work.

Transparency mode allows you to hear the world around without taking off your headset.

* AT10 ANC

USB Dongle

Easier Connection

Instant connection via pre-paired USB dongle eliminates the tedious pairing process.

Ultra-lightweight at 4.2g

Sleek design precisely matches the contours of your ear canal for a snug and comfortable fit.

Up to 40m
Bluetooth Connection

The long Bluetooth connection range allows you the freedom of pacing away from the desk while on the phone.

Experience uninterrupted music with up to 48 hours* of battery life

Enjoy up to 6 hours of listening experience.

The portable charging case provides an additional 18 hours of battery life.


*Can be used independently on one ear and charged with the charging case

One touch, multiple modes

Mute mode

Simply touch to activate mute. 
Stay connected to your surroundings during calls without worrying about sound leaking to the other party's earbuds.

Music mode

Play and pause with just a simple touch.

Call mode

Efficiently answer or reject calls with a double tap.

Great Connectivity

Connect to both your phone and computer, seamlessly switch between devices, and enjoy an excellent experience.

Make Online Meetings Easier

Compatible with mainstream unified communication platforms. Boost your productivity in phone calls and video conferencing, whether you are in an open office, work from home or anywhere.

Multiple earbud sizes for comfortable fit

Choose from three sets of silicone earbuds to ensure a comfortable fit that caters to different ear shapes. The earbuds' acoustic sealing delivers superior noise isolation for a premium listening experience.




Distinctive metallic finish, stands out from the rest

The sleek and metallic design provides a premium and sophisticated feel, delivering a smooth and elevated experience.

Download the ALE Go app
to stay tuned for the latest firmware updates available.


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