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ALE Device announces its partnership with WIRECLOUD



Shanghai, November 22, 2022-- ALE China Co., Ltd, a leader in audio technology for the global landline phone market, trading under the name ALE Device, announces its technology partnership with WIRECLOUD, a professional cloud telephone system for enterprises. Together, the companies will offer tailor-made communication and network solutions that fit the unique needs of each customer.

Based on this partnership and through mutual efforts, ALE M8, M7, M5, M3H6, and H3G deskphones have been certified compatible with the WIRECLOUD telephone system and can be auto-provisioned with WIRECLOUD.

“We are pleased to work closely with WIRECLOUD. Through multiple rounds of rigorous testing, we achieved perfect compatibility that will deliver easy deployment and flexible solutions to ALE Device and WIRELCLOUD customers,” said Ba Min SEIN AYE, Head of Product and Marketing at ALE Device.

According to David Son, CEO at WIRECLOUD, “Thanks to the compatibility of the devices, customers now have the option of setting up their telephone system even more efficiently. Instead of having to laboriously set up all devices manually, the end device automatically receives all important information for setting up via auto-provisioning via the WIRECLOUD server. This saves a lot of time and effort, especially when using many end devices.”

Companies of all sizes and activity sectors can benefit from this offer, available worldwide.  


About ALE Device

ALE China Co., Ltd, operating under the “ALE Device” trade name, is an audio technology expert in the global deskphone market designing and marketing communication devices for enterprises. The company focuses on innovative technologies to develop a wide range of enterprise communication devices such as SIP phones, headsets, audio and video equipment for Unified Communications. These products can be integrated into a variety of solutions with simple provisioning tools, in a cost-effective, secure and flexible manner.

ALE Device offers outstanding connectivity to global business partners and end-users with products that connect people wherever they are located and enables their productivity at all times.

From innovative development to green manufacturing, ALE Device rigorously manages every component at every step of production to ensure products meet worldwide standards. Visit our website for more information: www.aledevice.com



WIRECLOUD is a professional cloud telephone system for companies and is particularly characterized by excellent call quality, high reliability and ease of use. The software-based telephony solution provides you with the telephone system from the data center via a data line, so that a stationary system box and a classic telephone line are no longer necessary. All you need is an internet connection. Customers can choose between WIRECLOUD BASIC and PRO and adapt the desired functions individually to their needs. As a telephone system for companies, WIRECLOUD guarantees a service level of 99.9%.

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