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Public Utilities Solution

Public Utilities Solution

Delivering the highest quality audio and video experience between patients and clinicians.

Public Utilities Solution

In the era of information and technology, we are witnessing the transformation of government and public utilities. To achieve higher operational efficiency and public satisfaction, public utilities have integrated digital services with multi-platform data, and unified communications in many sectors.

In terms of communication and collaboration, government and public utilities are migrating to non-proprietary and hosted UCs to enhance the communication and collaboration flow between different sectors and departments. While adopting IP telephony, security, and reliability are of top priority.Budget must be optimized, while simplification of installation management are of the top requested features.

Backed up a century of industry experience and strong market presence, the ALE IP phone solution offers quality, reliability, simplicity, and ROI, perfectly suited for the IP telephony deployment needs of public utilities.

With ALE’s securely encrypted provisioning tools, our IP phones can be remotely and automatically configured. IT professionals can effortlessly conduct deployment and enable plug and play for users.

ALE’s IP phones are built with customization capabilities to support image consistency of the public sector.



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