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  • Will the ALE headset protect my hearing?

    Yes, it’s safe to use the ALE headset for both consumer and enterprisebusiness applications. ALE headsets come equipped with a acoustic protection technology, safeguarding against that removes acoustic startle events.

    All the ALE headsets protects against acoustic shock by limiting sounds to below 118 dB SPL RMS.

  • What's the quality of the headsets?

    All the ALE headsets have been through strict reliability testing to guarantee customer trouble hassle-free operation of the devices.

  • Can ALE headsets deliver loud-enough sound?

    Before product development, we did a lot of researches based on a large amounthuge numbers of customer feedbacks. The main complaint from the customers iswas about the low sound volume. Customer experience is what we care about most. We've increase the original sound volume within thea healthy hearing limit to enhance user experience.

  • Will audio quality decline as sound volume increases?

    Absolutely not. ALE headsets are equipped with a business-quality level high-definition speaker. We guarantee to deliver a crystal-clear voice as we increase the soundwith the volume increase.

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