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  • Where can I find the phone's hardware information?

    • The MAC address, phone model, and series number can be found on the back shell of the phone

  • Where can I find the phone's software version information?

    • On the “Status” page of phone’s WEB UI 

    • In “Settings->Version” on the MMI of CE phones 

    • In “Settings->Version” on the MMI of Halo phones

    • In “Menu->Status” on the MMI of Myriad phones

  • I can't get the IP address from the DHCP server

    • Check if the phone is set to DHCP mode
    • Check if the DHCP service is enabled on the server side
    • Check if there is firewall on the network environment

  • I failed to download the config file

    • Check if the network is reachable between the phone and provisioning server
    • Check if the provisioning URL is correctly set on the phone side
    • Check if the authentication information settings are set correctly on the phone side, and if there is server authentication enabled on the server side

    • Check if the provisioning server is running properly
    • Check if the config file exists on the provisioning server

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