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  • I failed to download the config file

    • Check if the network is reachable between the phone and provisioning server
    • Check if the provisioning URL is correctly set on the phone side
    • Check if the authentication information settings are set correctly on the phone side, and if there is server authentication enabled on the server side

    • Check if the provisioning server is running properly
    • Check if the config file exists on the provisioning server

  • My SIP service failed to register

    • Check if the network is reachable between the phone and the SIP server

    • Check if the following account parameters are correct: SIP Server address, port, username, register name, password

    • Check if the account username and password are were defined correctly on the SIP server

  • Will the ALE headset protect my hearing?

    Yes, it’s safe to use the ALE headset for both consumer and enterprisebusiness applications. ALE headsets come equipped with a acoustic protection technology, safeguarding against that removes acoustic startle events.

    All the ALE headsets protects against acoustic shock by limiting sounds to below 118 dB SPL RMS.

  • What's the quality of the headsets?

    All the ALE headsets have been through strict reliability testing to guarantee customer trouble hassle-free operation of the devices.

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Demo Kit Application
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